Earlier today, I was off on a bike for a shoot. It was a gloomy morning and I wanted to avoid the morning rush hour, thus, it was the perfect time to bike.

While I was approaching the Agdao flyover, I heard motorcycle horns. I already knew that the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) bikes were coming from behind. I noticed the lead motorcycles occupied the inner lane so they could turn left first to Leon Garcia Street.

When the CTTMO personnel signaled all motorists to proceed, it was only then that I noticed that there were some riders wearing fatigue uniforms on expensive bikes mixed with the HPG and other police bikes. I knew from a friend that they were some ‘rich kids’ who enrolled in a motorcycle riding course by the HPG.

As I was heading towards Agdao, some were waving to clear the road. In my mind, I was asking why they were clearing the road when there is no emergency nor are they escorting any VIP. Anyway, I just kept my bike on the outer lane to give way to these riders.

Upon reaching the corner of Leon Garcia and Aquino Streets (PUV exit from Agdao market), I noticed an SUV almost came to a halt while in the inner lane just to give way to the motorbikes. I kept going on the outer lane.

No caption needed.

Suddenly, one of the riders (not HPG) got close behind me and squeezed the throttle as if trying to scare me away. Then he returned to the inner lane and screamed at me. I didn’t understand what he was saying because of the noise of the machines. I just knew he tried to scare me away. But no sir, you failed. It’s a shame that some people think they own the road just because they are riding on expensive motorcycles (or vehicles in general).

About a few hundred meters away, one of the HPG officers signaled me to stop to let the tailing riders pass. So I stopped. I believe that was the proper way of doing it.

I don’t understand why they wanted to occupy the entire lane when they were only driving motorcycles.

I don’t understand why they had to clear the road when there was no emergency nor VIP being escorted.

I don’t understand why they have to ride around the city during rush hour, when everyone else were in a hurry to go to school or work. I myself was off to work while some of these guys are just having fun (except for the some of the riders whom I believe were police officers) and had the nerve to tell me which road I can use.

I don’t understand why one of you had to intimidate me when you had the entire lane for you to showboat. It was even enough to fit a car. And besides, there is no emergency so why should I stop? You were just showing off. Show us your skills in a race track or in an obstacle course, not on the streets and definitely not during rush hour.

What I’m trying to point out here is that everyone has to show respect to fellow motorists and bikers on the road. I’m not a newbie on the road. I know what I’m doing.

It’s ironic that many enrolled in the course not just to learn about motorcycle riding skills but road discipline and safety as well.

I didn’t know showboating is also part of the course.  I hope I’m wrong.

P.S. Nakasabay ko ang convoy ni Mayor Inday pa Samal, nag bike pud ko. Dili man sila ingon ani na murag tag-iya ka dalan.