Before, they say PAL means Plane Always Late. But now, it could be Pilots Are Lacking or Pilots Are Leaving.

I don’t believe that the PAL management did not anticipate that pilots are leaving soon and would seek for greener pasture abroad. They knew it. But the problem is that, I think some qualified pilots would rather try their luck abroad rather than work with the flag carrier.

Obviously, it’s because they would earn much higher than our airlines. It could be 100 percent higher.

PAL pilots earn at least $4,000 to $7,000 a month, a news report said. I’ve also read somewhere that some of these pilots are overwork. Does the management realize that this has an implication on the safety of the passengers?

I think with what is happening now, the flag carrier could hardly recruit new and qualified pilots. If I’m a qualified pilot, I’d rather try my luck abroad, too.

Maybe, some Philippine Air Force pilots are now tempted to jump in and fly these passenger jets.

What else can you do on this problem Mr. President?