This is Joselito Delibrado, 80 years old from Samal Island. His motorized bike/cart caught my attention while following him on the bikelane this morning. In our brief chat, I learned that he used to be a porter at the Sasa Wharf for more than 20 years. But he lost one of his legs during the Sasa Wharf bombing in April 3, 2003.

Since then, he depends on his three children to survive. “Usahay naay ihatag akong anak para pangkaon nako. Mao ng usahay manglimos lang ko aron naay pangkaon pud,” he admitted.

As we are about to end our chat, I’m surprised when he bared that he is actually on his way to Digos City to visit one of his children. But he will spend a night somewhere in Ulas before heading to Digos tomorrow. That’s about 75 kilometers of travel all the way from Samal Island. Joselito said it would be his first time to take his motorized bike to Digos.

I’m astounded by his story, an incredible feat for somebody who is physically challenged to take a risk just fill his stomach.