Since I moved to Davao City about 15 years ago, I rarely visit Cotabato City except when I’m working on assignments. But whenever I’m here, I didn’t have the chance to move the around the city  due to hectic schedules.

But recently, work led me to Cotabato City. It’s been a while since I’ve roamed the streets of the city. Before heading home, I went to check some shops near the city plaza. I wanted to see if some shops where I used to buy toys, shoes or clothes are still open. I’m quite surprised, many of them are still open.


Old City Hall turned museum.



Gateway to the Liguasan Marsh.



Datu Usman Mampen Building



Dance practice at City Plaza



Cotabato City Plaza



Masji A-Lil Amir along Matampay River.



Barbecue stalls along Sinsuat Avenue.



Perhaps, one of the most iconic landmarks of the city.



Went to see Mardoney’s Restaurant.



Kumbong sold along the streets



Near Filidian Bazaar



Assorted kumbong, textiles



City Hall: People’s Palace



PC Hill Rainbow