This is how Dahican looks like nine years ago. Only a handful of outsiders (like me) know that a long stretch of pristine beach exists in Mati, Davao Oriental.

Dahican of the past was: no loud music, no beers, no tents and “few” resorts. Yes, it was “boring” but it was a perfect getaway for those who want to escape the life in the fast lane.

The view of the shoreline from old lifeguard’s tower

Amihan Boys racing to the water

Not just surfing….

Jebjeb, who was then nine years old, was one of the talented surfers of Amihan sa Dahican. Photo by Ruby Thursday More

Ride with the wave

Fishermen fix a damaged fishing net

Waiting for the perfect swell

Big air

Salo-salo with boys of Amihan. Photo by Ruby Thursday More

Jebjeb shows his skills

BancSki: Amihan sa Dahican’s pinobre edition of jetski

‘Nong Jun: the father, mentor of Amihan sa Dahican surfers

Full speed

Pristine beach

The view from the sea

Amihan sa Dahican surfers gather behind Ruby as she shows her photos of the day.


the BancSki



Vincent, one of the most talented surfers

Nine years ago…

Fishermen’s place

Next Boracay?

One of the Amihan surfer described Dahican in the past as: “Walay kay kaagaw sa dagat, walay sasaw.”