GOV. GENEROSO, Davao Oriental (28 December 2019)– A purported face of Jesus Christ that allegedly appeared on the collar of drainage canal is now attracting hundreds of Catholic devotees and tourists in a fishing village of Don Aurelio Chicote, some four kilometers away from the town proper.

For 10 days now, the alleged image of Jesus Christs has been a center of attraction not just among the local villagers but as well as from nearby areas

Devotees offer candles, flowers and drinks before an alleged image of Jesus Christ in a coastal village in Gov. Generoso.

It was villager Melissa Garrido who first noticed the image of Jesus Christ that appeared December 19 on the concrete wall t known as a collar, which joins the open canal and row culverts of the drainage canal. The concrete collar measures at least six inches, about four feet high and over 10 feet wide.

Garrido recalled that she was on her way home around 5pm when she passed by the drainage canal and when she glanced at the concrete, the image quickly appeared.

“I can’t explain my feelings at that time because it feels like somebody is pushing me to pass by on the other side of the collar, which is facing the sea, when I can walk past at the back portion,” she narrated in the vernacular.

As she looked on the wall, Garrido claimed, the face of Jesus Christ “suddenly appeared” on the concrete.

Garrido recounted that she was astonished and speechless for few minutes by what she noticed. “Then I uttered that: Lord, if you have a message to us, please just say it in my dreams.”

Since then, hundreds of people are coming to the coastal village every day saying prayers and offering candles and flowers before the image on the concrete wall.

Devotees and local villagers gather before the purported face of Jesus Christ that allegedly appeared on this concrete wall in coastal village in Gov. Generoso, Davao Oriental. (Keith Bacongco)

After saying prayers, some are touching the wall with their palms and rub on to their body, children and even sickly people. Every night, local Catholic devotees are praying the Holy Rosary.

Father Dave Felizardo of St. Francis Xavier Parish here said that they have not investigated nor visited the site since it was reported to them by their parishioners.

Felizardo added that they don’t mind if the people offer prayers and candles before the image for as long as they remain faithful to God above.

For some villagers, the appearance of image of Jesus Christ may be sending a message amid the recent series of tragedies in the country.

“Maybe God is sending us a message because of the earthquakes in Davao del Sur and Cotabato. Also many people in Luzon and Visayas were also hit by the typhoons. Maybe, this could mean something. Maybe to remind us to keep our faith stronger,” a resident said while beside the crowd in front of the concrete collar.

A fisherman, whose boat is anchored about 50 meters away from the shore, claimed that the image of Christ is also visible from his boat. “It’s still clear even from my boat, it still resembles like the face of Jesus Christs,” he claimed.

The view from shore.

A nun, who requested anonymity, was quick to say that it’s indeed Christ’s face when she saw the photo via social media.

While she admits that proper authorities from the Church should be the one who could further provide some statement, the nun added that: “What I am sure is, God has message for all of us.”

“But that would depend on individual as to how they interpret the image but I hope that they wont be limited on how they see the image but as well as to the message that is being conveyed and act on it. “It is said in the Bible, many will come and say “I am He” do not be fooled. What we believe in, show it in good works, for faith without action is dead,” she added. #