Restituto Amparado

Davao airport bombing survivor Restituto Amparado hobbles at the parking area of the old airport terminal in Sasa, Davao City today, March 4.

Now 63, Amparado joined nine other blast survivors in a short prayer during the 19th year commemoration of bomb attack.

A father of three, Amparado used be a rent-a-car driver stationed at the airport. He was waiting for a passenger when the bomb exploded. His leg was amputated due to severe injury.

Today, he works at the City Environment and Natural Resources Office of the City Government of Davao. “I’m grateful for the city government because they granted our children full scholarship and they were able to finish their college studies.

The blast left 22 people killed and about a hundred others injured on March 4, 2003.

However, for some families, pain still lingers 19 years after the deadly blast.

“It’s not easy growing up without father, It is really hard but it has to be us who should let ourselves to just move forward,” said Armand, now 25 years old.

Armand’s father was one of those who perished in the blast.

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