This is not the first time that I’ve seen this overcrowding in front of the Philippine Statistics Authority office along Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City. Most of these people came before sunrise to get priority number so they can transact at the PSA.

It’s hard to judge them because they may have their own reasons for being there, braving the heat. But most of all, braving the threat of Covid-19. Some may don’t have access to online platforms to be able to transact. Online applications for birth certificates and other documents at PSA may take about a week or more especially during this pandemic.

I spoke to one of the mothers at the queue, she said, she admits that it’s still much faster to transact right at the PSA than at the online provider. “I need the birth certificate tomorrow.”

While it cannot be avoided that the residents would flock at the PSA, I hope they could manage the crowd very well and maybe they can also provide a tent for their clients.

Photo taken 11:36am of May 17, 2021.